Replacement Air Filter for Aprilaire 2250 & 2200

Packaging Details: Replacement Air Filter Packaging Details: Export carton Delivery Time: Shipped in 30 days after payment Payment term:OA/DP, LC at 60days The guarantee of quality & fund security. aprilaire 2200 filter aprilaire 213 aprilaire filters aprilaire 201 filter aprilaire 2400 filter aprilaire 201 aprilaire 213 filter space gard 2200 filter aprilaire 213 replacement filter space gard […]

0.1mm molybdenum wire

0.1mm molybdenum wire 1. Grade: Mo1,Mo2,TZM,MOLa,WMo 2. Purity :> =99.95% 3. Characteristic: Melting Point: 2610 Degrees Celsius Boiling Point: 5560Degrees Celsius Density: 10.2g/cm3 High quality, workability 4. Certificate: ISO9001:2008 5. Product Feature: High melting point, High-density, high temperature oxidation resistance, long service life, resistance to corrosion.. 6. Dimensions and tolerance(According to clients’ requirements):

EDM consumables molybdenum wire edm moly wire

EDM Molybdenum wire EDM moly wire for high speed edm wirecut – edm consumables EDM consumables, edm parts, edm consumables, edm tools – molybdnum wire, edm moly wire, electrode tubes For edm drill machine, we also make following parts: Ceramic pipe guide, double ceramic guide, edm drill guide, edm pipe guide, drill chuck, rubber seal, […]

0.15mm molybdenum wire cnc molybdenum wire cut machine

0.15mm molybdenum wire cnc molybdenum wire cut machine Molybdenum wire made of molybdenum and molybdenum-lanthanum is available from stock in different diameters. Whether in lamps, coating equipment or a range of other applications: Thanks to their outstanding material purity and low tolerances, our wires made of molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and their alloys guarantee constant […]

0.18mm molybdenum wire for edm machines

0.18mm molybdenum wire for edm machines edm molybdenum wire supplier & manufactuerr edm molybdenum wire edm consumables for high-speed wirecut machine we supply 0.12mm / 0.14mm / 0.16mm / 0.18mm / 0.20mm / 0.22mm / 0.10mm / molybdenum wire and so on, if any question please feel free to contacts us.

0.18mm Molybdenum wire for CNC Wire Cutting Machine

0.18mm Molybdenum wire for CNC Wire Cutting Machine High-strength molybdenum wire: It has high tensile strength, good wear resistance and long service life. Cold-drawn molybdenum wire: By using cold-drawn production technology, it has high strength, smooth face and good quality. Specified length of molybdenum wire: Except for the characteristic of high strength, it also has […]

proveedores y fabricantes de alambre de molibdeno

Alambre Gran variedad en alambres para todas las marcas de máquinas de electro erosión. Disponible en 3 diámetros principalmente (0.20, 0.25 y 0.30 mm) y en diferentes tamaños de bobinas segun su necesidad. Tambien ofrecemos alambre especial de Molibdeno para máquinas de corte tipo Fast Wire. Disponible en diámetros 0.14, 0.18 y 0.20 mm