0.18mm molybdenum wire manufacturers

0.18mm molybdenum wire manufacturers Feature of mo1 moly wire for cnc edm cutting High melting point, Low density and Thermal coefficients Good thermal conductivity properties and Resistance of high-temperature High tensile strength and Low elongation Good stability and High precision of cutting High speed and Long stable time of processing Long lifetime and Non-poisonous Application […]

SODICK EDM filters

SODICK EDM filters Model Machine Specifications (QxQIxH) IN/EX Fit to Models EA-25N SODICK 340x46x450mm Depth: 130mm IN A(350, 500, 600, 750), A350SSW A(300, 350, 500, 750, 1000)W A500MARK II(20, 21), A500P, BF(250, 275), BF280L, A350SS, A(320, 350)D, A350S EA-NW SODICK 340x46x300mm IN/EX A(300, 350, 350W, 500, 500W, 600, 600W, 750, 750W, 1000W, 500P, 500WP, 600P, […]

Mitsubishi EDM Filters

Mitsubishi EDM Filters Model Machine Specifications (QxQIxH) IN/EX Fit to Models EA-20 MITSUBISHI 300x29x500mm IN/EX DWC-70, 90, 110, 200 N Series, DWC-F, PF, G, PG, H, U, C, HA, PH, HP, HS, PA, P, SX Series EA-21 MITSUBISHI 300x29x250mm IN/EX DWC-70, 90, 110, 200 N Series EA-38 MITSUBISHI 300x58x500mm IN/EX w/ nipple DWC90B, DWC90SB, DWC110A, […]

JAPAX EDM filters

JAPAX EDM filters   Model Machine Specifications (QxQIxH) IN/EX Fit to Models EA-23N JAPAX 260x46x280mm EX D100M DC500NC, DH150PSR, DH300B, DP40, DX85NC, DX80, JL85, LH3A EA-02 JAPAX 150x33x345mm 150x33x350mm EX AT50, ELVY, EXP, EXP20, L300A, LDM35, LDM50, LDMFA, LF3A, LH3A, LL13B, LP3A, LT3A, LPA3A, LSP3A, LS(250, 350, 500, 800, 1000)/A, S, X, LX600M/4, LXEFA, LXE(35, […]

EDM filters for all makes and models of EDM machines

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EDM Molybdenum wire for cutting

EDM Molybdenum wire for cutting     Item Molybdenum wire Material Mo1(Purity>=99.95%) Specification As your requirement Chemical compostion Mo, W, Zr, Ti, C and etc.   With the tensile strength 30% higher than the national standard, molybdenum wires have features of high tensile strength, low elongation rate and good consistency. They have good discharge performance […]

0.18mm molybdenum wire Advantages

0.18mm molybdenum wire Advantages 1. Strict material selection – selection of pure molybdenum materials and excellent electrical erosion resistance; 2. High tensile strength – not easily fracture of wires; 3. Low ductility – easily maintain stable tension; 4. No protective covering on the surface, manufacturing stably and high efficient; 5. Correct wire diameter to ensure […]